iPhone 5 Tutto quello che Apple non vuole farti sapere!

Tutti vogliono sapere come sarà l’iPhone 5, quali saranno le caratteristiche e le novità introdotte dal nuovo gioiello in arrivo da casa Apple. Quando esce un nuovo iPhone alla fine solo i rumors più affidabili si dimostrano veri. In questo video vedremo come potrebbe essere l’iPhone 5 in attesa della presentazione ufficiale da parte di Apple prevista nel mese di settembre. www.stileapple.it

Fiona Apple – Fast As You Can (Traduzione Italiana)

Perdonate eventuali errori di grammatica o traduzione. Non ho tradotto il testo proprio letteralmente, più che altro è una traduzione ragionata. Spero vi sia di aiuto e gradimento 🙂 Testo originale: I let the beast in too soon, I don’t know how to live Without my hand on his throat; I fight him always and still Oh darling, it’s so sweet, you think you know how crazy How crazy I am You say you don’t spook easy, you won’t go, but I know And I pray that you will Fast as you can, baby runfree yourself of me Fast as you can I may be soft in your palm but I’ll soon grow Hungry for a fight, and I will not let you win My pretty mouth will frame the phrases that will Disprove your faith in man So if you catch me trying to find my way into your Heart from under your skin Fast as you can, baby scratch me out, free yourself Fast as you can Fast as you can, baby scratch me out, free yourself Fast as you can Sometimes my mind don’t shake and shift But most of the time, it does And I get to the place where I’m begging for a lift Or I’ll drown in the wonders and the was And I’ll be your girl, if you say it’s a gift And you give me some more of your drugs Yeah, I’ll be your pet, if you just tell me it’s a gift ‘Cause I’m tired of whys, choking on whys, Just need a little because, because I let the beast in and then; I even tried forgiving him, but it’s too soon So I’ll fight again, again, again, again, again. And for a little while more, I’ll soar the Uneven wind, complain and blame The

Desmond and Lucy-What hurts the most (ITA SUB ENG) [SPOILER ON ACB END]

READ FIRST PLSSS!!!!!! this video content SPOILER on assassin’s creed brotherhood end , so you are advertised! Story: Desmond under the golden apple’s control approach Lucy to kill her , in the way he remember the best moments with her! I really love this couple *__* I hope that in the future they can stay together! I want AC3 ç____ç English translation by : Irethcroft (my friend) Song: what hurts most – rascal flatts Italian traslation of the song here it.answers.yahoo.com