Nokia N8 – Backstage @ Nokia N8 Blogger Event – Zürich 13.7.2010

Nokia N8 connected over OSB OTG Devices: -Samsung HD 1.5 TB!! -USB Harddrive Drive (Standard Case – 16 GB SSD inside) -USB Stick -Nokia E72 -Nokia N900 Filetypes: -Pictures (JPG) -Mp3 Songs -Mkv (Lost, 624×352) -Divx HD 720p (Big Buck Bunny, Surround Audio 5.1) -MP4 (Mountain Video, 848×480, Filmed with N900) Xvid works with final firmware PERFECT!!! Check out: Please support my friend who made to awsome track RAY Music – Song “Waiting” (Switzerland)

Vincent Kosmos – S05E02 – “Legacy of Evil – Part 2”

“Legacy of Evil – Part 2” (sottotitoli in italiano automatizzati) Plot (ENG): “Vincent is fallen in the trap made by the Toymaster’s Daugther…” Plot (ITA): “Vincent è caduto nella trappola della figlia del Toymaster…” Written by: Chris Heaven ————————————————— Special Guests: 1.Adrian Sherlock as The Voice of the Captain of Guards ( ) 2.Martina Folena as Diantha ( ) 3.DragonessaSaphira as Toymaster’s Daughter ( ) Opening Theme by Moby